Golf Ball Netting

Golf ball netting can allow you to practice during those cold winter months when you otherwise would not be able to play. It is excellent for golfers in cold weather climates. The problem, of course, is the huge variety to choose from. There are simply tons of them out there, so finding the right one is not necessarily easy. Yes, which you choose does make a difference.

Here are two things to look for in golf ball netting to help you find the best:

Golf Ball Netting1.   Tear proof

First, the most important consideration in golf ball netting is how “tear proof” the net is. Many nets are made with such flimsy materials that they tend to break after two to three powerful shots. Therefore, if you are at the store, you want to make sure this is the first thing to think about.

The way to tell whether or not golf ball netting will hold up is quite simple. First of all, feel it. Some nets are simply “too tight” in their styling, which means that the back of the net is very rigid. If it does not feel like it has any give to it, then it sure will not stand up to a powerful driver shot. The back of the netting should definitely feel nice and loose, and have plenty of leeway for the golf ball.

If the golf ball netting is too tight, you can either expect the shot to bounce right back towards you (rare but does happen), or the net can rip (more likely). If you opt to buy online, you want to make sure you either go to the store or check out the net in person before purchasing, or at least read reviews. Finding out what past consumers say about a particular net can be very enlightening.

In particular, avoid polyurethane golf ball netting. These tend to be cheap, so many players are attracted to them. The problem with them is that they cannot hold up to heavy use. If you are using the net often, or a very strong player, look for something more durable. Unless you are just chipping, these nets are probably not going to cut it

Golf Ball Netting2.  Noise factor

Also, think about the noise factor. Some golf ball netting models to be very loud when using them, which obviously can draw the ire of family members. The best golf ball netting tends to be made of nylon, because it is loose and generally quite. Therefore, when in the market for a new net, make sure to check into this before anything else.

The bottom line is, finding the best golf ball netting is not complicated. When searching, here is what to do:

  • Examine the material
  • Test it out to listen for the noise level
  • Read reviews
  • Compare prices at a number of different sites

You might not want to go with the absolutely least expensive model. It might be annoying to pay more money. However, if you plan to use it extensively, it will be worth it. Golf ball netting can be cheap or expensive, and most people will naturally opt for the former.